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Our methods

Tested and approved

Our multidisciplinary teams take ownership of the projects of our territorial clients to provide measurable results from the first months of activity. Territorial Strategic Marketing: how to locate your territory on the market to promote your offer and attract greater foreign direct references investors and boost employment?

  • By relying on internal pre-diagnostic elements and on existing studies (population, employment, economy, training), it is to measure and analyze the potential of different segments, to determine the competitive features of the territory compared to other territories or close competitors (private infrastructure, heritage, geography, key sectors …), to identify on these segments the “niches of strategic interest over the next 10 years,” which may result from:
    • combinations of several sectors
    • opportunities related to the specificities of the territory (supra national dimension, location, resources, infrastructure …)
    • emerging sectors at national and international level
    • due to concrete action plans, particularly in training and employment in order to allow the deployment of the territory in the most strategic niches.

To perform these operations in particular we benefit from the expertise of the Territorial Intelligence pole of ADIT, our shareholder, and we are relying on:

  • the global prospective business intelligence that ADIT’s team conducts in all economic and technological fields (www.adit.fr and www.bulletins-economiques.com).
  • the experience of ADIT with companies. It operates for over 12 years with major CAC 40, MNC, SME and small companies (over 2000 actions). ADIT leads actions of strategy definition, new markets entry, innovation and diversification …
  • the experience of ADIT in the field of territorial strategies at global, European and national scales. In fact, it has produced two benchmarks on innovation management of European and global regions.
  • the experience of ADIT in achieving economic outlook, identification of areas and strategic niches in many French territories of all sizes (Euro districts, urban communities, countries, departments, regions , provinces …). Since 1997, ADIT conducts annual studies for more than 60 communities.
  • the implementation of territorial intelligence strategies at region scale involving the main actors (local, regional, national and international) involved in the technological and economic development of the region.

Analytical intelligence and operational intelligence: what are the priority targets to prospect and how to approach them? Implementation of elements SAM® (Strategic Approach Material) to prepare the suitable pitch for the approach phase and networking. Targeted Prospecting: direct and individualized outreach and qualification of the needs of the target in terms of international presence. We carry our prospecting actions and territories representation on the basis of our model in 4 parts: territoire


  • FDI attraction to your territory
  • Promotion of your territory
  • Setting up of an active network of multipliers

Resources :

  • Launching operations: intensive training of your dedicated project manager in complete immersion at your premises, based on few days or weeks: comprehensive understanding of the favorable environment for FDI, local players, past FDI, identification of strategic clusters, French targets currently prospected by your team, …
  • Validation of the priority domains and stages / time frame
  • Validation of the general actions plan
  • Implementation of our sectoral prospecting approach
  • Identification of potential investors: multi-channel targeting*
  • Implementation of Strategic Approaches Materials for each target
  • Direct prospecting actions
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Collection of information on the market and on existing incentives for FDI that could apply to the projects of our targets
  • Direct approaching of potential investors
  • Contact and qualification of their requirements
  • Meeting with potential investors and handing over of our Qualified Projects Sheets: QPS (1)
  • Presentation of your territory as a preferred business set-up location
  • Validation of interest from prospects and obtaining a Business Set-up Specs: BSS (2)
  • Monitoring and revival of prospects
  • Reception of the specification validating the investment project
  • Coordinating with your teams to prepare our response to the specifications received
  • Organization of the prospect’s On Site Visits: OSV (3)
  • Support by your team during site visits
  • Follow-up after the site visit until finalization of the Foreign Direct Investment : FDI (4)
  • Systematic weekly reporting and dashboards monitoring: FDI “pipe”, job creation, etc…

Lets talk about your overall plans, your key sectors, the countries you are targeting and especially about your job creation and Foreign Direct Investment goals. We look forward to working with you on high value added and innovative offers. Should be noted that we act for the account of our institutional clients as part of “Invest” as well as “Trade” mandates. Contact us for more information: Johann SPONAR – +33 (0) 4 82 91 21 60 – j.sponar@salveo.fr

Our resources :

  • 90,000 companies identified in our CRM. Out of which 4,500 French medium size companies including the French headquarters of 1,500 foreign groups
  • More than 800 companies encountered by our team each year
  • Over 3,500 French clients on the 4,000 recorded last year, 200 to 250 international projects are managed by our team each year
  • 80% are SMEs, 10% of small companies and 10% of large groups: the majority of the CAC 40 are customer of our shareholder ADIT


  • The prestigious institutional & territorial clients:
    • Government: State of Pennsylvania (USA), Lithuania, Morocco Export, Tunisia Export, Canadian Department of International Trade, Latvia, Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, Ministry of Quebec exports …
    • Regional Development Agencies: Brussels Invest, Andalusia (EXTENDA), Laval Technopole Export Montreal, Longueil, Serdex, Languedoc-Roussillon regions, Alsace, Rhone-Alpes, North, Moscow, Lyon (Lyon France) …
    • Territorial and regional Chambers of Commerce: Montreal, Alsace, Picardie, PACA, North, Champagne, Burgundy, Loire, Paris, Aquitaine, Rhone-Alpes, Midi Pyrenees, Languedoc ……