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Why to trust SALVEO Group


Create jobs, rent m2, sell land, territorial publish your offers, generate direct foreign Investments

We have developed, over several years, a significant knowledge and increased competence in promoting territories and attracting foreign direct investment.

We are solicited by states, regions and economic development agencies who wish to rely on our expertise in the detection and management of projects abroad as well as our dedicated field striking forces.

The recent entry of ADIT, the European leader in territorial intelligence, enriches and structures our approach to investment promotion. You are an economic development agency and wish to benefit from our locations and tools in France, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, China, Japan, Australia, Iraq, UAE, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil to implement FDI leads detection actions or a permanent promotion office? Our teams will elaborate a 100% customized action plan with you, highly structured and oriented to quantifiable and concrete results.

Why choose SALVEO ?

We are not a pure player of Direct Foreign Investment, used to conventional approaches methods. The fact that we come from a universe immediately connected to the promotion of FDI makes us much more efficient than traditional players in the field. We are indeed a leader in the business of supporting international development. As such we are confronted directly to corporate decision-makers seeking to develop internationally by any mean: export, implantation, sourcing, manufacturing, …

Our customers and prospects in France, North America and in all of our locations are your potential direct foreign investors.

We carry out a dozen of business set-up projects for our clients every year: office opening, creation of subsidiaries, equity participation, acquisition, JV, greenfield, expansion … in all our countries: France, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, China, Japan, Australia, Iraq, UAE, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil…

Besides our comprehensive database, our dedicated teams occupy the stage to meet your potential investors.

We put up a dedicated structure for the account of our territorial clients with a dedicated employee who becomes their dedicated project manager.

Our teams are also composed of analysts who carry out what we call the SAM® – Strategic Approach Material: these elements allow your dedicated employee to approach the targets with a strong background of information in order to “sell” your territory as the preferred investment location.

With SALVEO Group, your territory benefits of a solid presence in over 12 countries with dedicated teams and corridors of clearly pre-defined sectoral actions. You benefit from our facilities, our networks and our tools: our solutions are ready to use, 100% convenience.

Finally, our “à la carte” compensation meets your requirements for transparency and budgets securing since we place great emphasis on fair allocation of fixed + variable compensation. The more we deliver, the better we are compensated.

“The art of success is to surround yourself with the best