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Sales Representation

Develop your export sales and increase your earnings.

Often, after an initial “field” prospecting action, our clients call us in to provide the maximum proximity to their market. Over the long term, we thus become their local eyes and strike force to help them develop their market share in Russia, India, Algeria, Canada, the United States, Mexico, China, Iraq, etc. We set up and structure our clients’ distribution networks in target markets with the aim of developing their export earnings.

These are the levels of operational services that our clients appreciate:

  • Introducing or recruiting a specialist employee
  • Providing team offices and a showroom in our business centres
  • Training your employee within the company
  • Identifying key targets: purchasers, prescribers…
  • Identifying existing invitations to tender (where relevant)
  • Setting up a precise sales action plan
  • Setting up a lobbying action plan (where relevant)
  • Setting up a marketing action plan
  • Setting up a logistics action plan
  • Ongoing competitor monitoring
  • Setting up a country / market / application database, listing the soundest, most reliable players in the market
  • Prospecting / confirming / producing or helping to draw up sales proposals, negotiating, taking orders, commercial and technical monitoring, After-Sales…
  • Organizing recurring sales rounds
  • Taking part in shows (where relevant)
  • Overall coordination / immediate reporting with access to our CRM
  • Developing the activity based on specific, measurable targets

Why opt for sales representation in India, Russia, Canada, Algeria, the United States or Mexico?


1. Securing your operations

Control your customer file, limit your commercial dependency, reduce the risk of unpaid invoices… Too many companies hand over their product distribution to intermediary distributors or “agents” on an exclusive basis or otherwise and have no control over the customer file or the keys to the market. The consequent opacity and dependency are a significant danger for an exporting company, which may lose its markets from one day to the next if the partner goes bankrupt or proves to be disloyal. The risk is even greater if sales rise to significant proportions and the local distributor has to be supported by gradually granting him credit – something you have always refused to do.


2. Selling at the best price

Your knowledge of market prices and, where relevant, your independence vis-à-vis large customers mean that you can sell at the right price and even at favourable rates in the absence of a middle-man.


3. Offering your customers a better service

You’ll be offering your customers or your customers’ customers a level of proximity and services that will help you stand out from your competitors. Showroom if necessary, qualified local contact, marketing support, product training, promotional actions, prescription, logistics support …


4. Developing and sustaining your business

Carrying out daily support and sales development work. We supervise one or more distributors (where relevant), with or without a mission to develop the distribution network and make sure that your company’s sales policy is implemented in this market. In other cases, we directly prospect purchasers / direct users (industrial sectors, distribution, supers/hypers, etc.) to put them in direct sales contact with your company …