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Market potentiel assessment

Market assessment

Are you concerned about the potential of your offer in Russia, India, Canada or Mexico? Do you receive signs of interest from Kazakhstan, China, the Maghreb or the United States? To confirm the potential of a market in a practical, operational way in order to direct your export strategy towards the most profitable markets, we carry out extremely precise market mappings in just a few weeks to give you the information you need to enter the market. It’s more of a “Who? What? How? Where? How much?” study than a long-winded, unusable piece of market research.

All you need to know about your market, in a usable summary form:

  • Who are the main local importers/distributors and the major local and locally-established international purchasers?
  • Who are my competitors in the target market and how are they organized?
  • What is the local offer?
  • What are the price levels used?
  • Are my products in demand, and in which market segments?
  • Do the current regulations allow me to penetrate the market easily?
  • What are the differentiating advantages on which I can count to convince my future customers?

This information allows you to make educated decisions as to which markets to prioritize and what is the best strategy to adopt. We are by your side to advise you on fine-tuning this strategy and we’ll obviously support you in the operational aspects of setting it up.

Turnover in the targeted country