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Incubation and Business Center services

A local presence to develop your sales

Develop your sales and earnings, provide your customers with technical or sales support, supervise your local team or coordinate your customer network, control your market and increase your visibility. Our business centers in MoscowKiev, New Delhi, Astana, Shanghai, Tokyo, Baghdad, Algiers, Montreal, Washington, Mexico and Lyon have been welcoming our clients’ employees for over 20 years. With their Plug&Play solutions which our clients appreciate for their flexibility, our incubation services allow you to deploy one or more operational employees on a new or existing market within a few days. Far more than the traditional office hire services, the high level of added value in our “outsourced subsidiary” offer offers our clients unprecedented opportunities for real “physical” proximity in a country without the costs or the need for administrative management at a distance… Whether you’re interested in one of the 12 countries in which we’re established or in any other country in the world, our broad, tried-and-tested offer meets all the needs of companies in the following areas:  

  • International immigration and administrative procedures linked to HR aspects

What work status should I use to send my employees into a market? Do I have alternatives to the expatriation or secondment contract? How do I obtain the appropriate work visa for my employee as quickly as possible? How do I manage sending an intervention team of 10 people to a country? …  

  • Getting their teams up and running:

What to do to avoid “working from home” without spending a fortune on traditional office hire?

  • Operational establishment:

From hiring an office fitted with all dedicated services to assistance in setting up your local structure, we provide you with a full range of optional flexible services to simplify and smooth your development formalities in a country: we manage your employees’ salariesmanage their local expenses and help them with secretarial and business management aspects.  

  • International mobility:

We manage every aspect of the  your employees’ relocation and integration  to make it easier to establish your employees in a country: accommodation search, schools for the children, access to local networks, etc…