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Field Prospecting

Opening up the market and developing your export sales

Over 4,000 companies have called on our services since 1991 to help them open up new high-potential markets and develop their operations.

In particular, our clients appoint us to find them potential clients within a few months, to help them move into the advanced negotiation phase with qualified partners and purchasers, set up their distribution network, set up their potential ad hoc customer base or start up sales quickly in a market that they are conquering…

With our 24 years’ experience in the field with our teams, our own subsidiaries, business centres and affiliated offices and our presence at the heart of the economic fabric in our countries, we can offer “in the field” export prospecting services with very high added value.

If you’re interested in sales prospecting in India or Algeria, looking for importers in China or Mexico or prospecting for distributors in Canada or the United States, we can carry out tailor-made actions and commit ourselves to precise, measurable results.

A field prospecting action by the Salveo Group involves 130 lines of protocol. Our production is organized like an industrial site and rigorously focused and supervised throughout the completion process to keep it totally in line with our clients’ specifications.

We guarantee the quality of our services and the performance of our operations. Our Performance & Operations Director monitors every stage of the prospecting process in close contact with your teams to ensure that you get the best possible return on investment.

It’s you who confirm the quality and interest of the targets. It’s not possible to make a targeting error. The results are there, every time.

The key stages of a targeted prospecting action by the SALVEO Group:

  • Launch the action: intensive training for your Project Leader, in total immersion in your company for several days: we gain a total understanding of your company, its offer, production, environment, etc., before we start work in the target country.
  • Identify all the key targets, based on your specifications (local purchasers, foreign purchasers established locally, importers, distributors, integrators, retailers, installers, agents, major prescribers, competitors whom we approach in a concealed/anonymous way, etc.)
  • Meetings (where possible) between your Project Leader and the targets to have in-depth discussions and present your offer as fully as possible. Example: structure, organization, activity, location, infrastructures, management, sales force, introduction into the market, reputation, offer, suppliers, consistency of range, quality/price positioning, level of service (maintenance, After-Sales, installation,…), technical know-how, purchasing capacity, distribution capacity, financial strength, interest in your offer, …
  • Hand over our detailed Prospect Files. Our opinion, recommendation, score and follow-up action to be taken.
  • Hand over our Weekly Activity Reports: every week, you’ll receive a full, precise progress report containing a situational analysis, market feedback and the team’s progression
  • You select the priority targets to meet and the first telephone meetings are organized between you and the prospects highest on the priority list
  • Organize your trip, prepare for each target, undergo inter-cultural training, support from your Project Leader in negotiation meetings, monitor prospects over several months, depending on the specifications


You’ll only meet the most relevant and interesting confirmed prospects who are interested in your offer. We’ll support you right up to the closing phases! That’s the SALVEO commitment to results!