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Market Expert North-America


Telephone : +33 (0) 4 82 90 21 62

Fields of Intervention:

  • Company Set-Up Support in the USA
  • All Sectors

After a Master’s in International Business, Nicolas started his career in Pennsylvania, USA as a sales representative in an American company. He joined the SALVEO Group to be in charge of the representation mandate for the state of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh…) for investment promotion, with Johann SPONAR.

A true unique ticket for French, Belgian and Swedish companies whose projects are to work in the USA, Nicolas rapidly created a privileged relationship with the different institutional partner representatives such as BUSINESS FRANCE (ex UBIFRANCE), the CCI and CCIR (Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the CCEF (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France – Foreign Trade Advisors of France), the American Consulate,…in order to bring a real operational support to investment projects of SME, midmarket companies and important industrial groups.

Nicolas actively participates in the expansion of the SALVEO Group in the USA with the setting-up of an affiliated office based in Washington D.C. which allows the Group to reinforce their support plan across the Atlantic.

Nicolas likes Pennsylvania, contact sports and to progress in his profession.