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You are a company

The SALVEO Group is the strike force for companies who have realized that their growth requires them to move into international markets.

The SALVEO Group is a real operational resource that has been working alongside companies since 1991 to help them set up, develop and sustainability structure their international activities in the best possible conditions. With our own network of 19 establishments (subsidiaries, business centers and affiliated offices) covering the world’s most dynamic markets, the SALVEO Group’s results have shown growth for several years.

What’s the difference between the Salveo Group and all the other companies involved in international business development?

The difference is very simple: the others give you a hand to walk through a room in the dark; the Salveo Group’s teams do their utmost to switch the light on for you. And that changes everything!

Tristan C. Export Director.

We have developed a range of tailor-made services totally adapted to exporters, to make life simpler throughout their international deployment.

Our clients have called on us for 25 years to:

  • Save time in their international prospecting efforts
  • Achieve greater security in choosing their partners
  • Achieve greater transparency with regard to the activities of their competitors and distributors
  • Improve their results in terms of increasing their export sales
  • Achieve greater flexibility in managing their teams
  • Achieve greater pro-activity in managing their operations
  • Achieve greater proximity in their relations with their suppliers and subcontractors
  • Achieve greater sustainability in developing their local operations

In practical terms, companies like yours call on us to:

  • Confirm the potential of a market, quickly and reliable
  • Meet approved potential customers and partners within a few months
  • Receive pragmatic guidance in how to conduct business in our countries
  • Identify local invitations to tender that concern themPrepare to negotiate large contracts
  • Audit a partner as part of an acquisition or JV project
  • Approve their suppliers or subcontractors
  • Optimize their participation at shows
  • Set up their distribution network
  • Develop their presence and sales in distant countries
  • Achieve greater transparency and visibility in their market
  • Be listed by leading purchasers
  • Accommodate their employees in our fully-equipped business centres
  • Set up salary management solutions
  • Manage the mobility of their employees abroad (legalizing status and obtaining visas and work permits, etc.)

As you can see, whatever the level of maturity of your activities in the countries where we’re established, we have the most comprehensive solutions to provide you with secure, long-term operational support. We offer guaranteed results to ensure that you get maximum performance from the work we do.