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Business climate 70/100
Paris / GDP : 0,4% Growth / FX : 1€ = 1,122$ / Invest : 4,3 B€

About us

Your international development with SALVEO Group

The leading private group offering support and representation in international markets. With its 25 years’ experience in developing sales in international markets and over 5000 client references – small firms, mid-market companies, large groups and European and North American territories, the SALVEO Group can accompany and support your export, commercial and industrial development abroad.

The art of success Some have doubts… others increase their international market share…

Our high-added-value services are structured to meet the needs of small, medium-sized and mid-market companies.




Our team Enthusiastic, expert, reliable international employees

Our team of 180 employees spread between France, our subsidiaries and affiliated offices in United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, India, Japan, Australia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil will help you deploy your export strategy. Our market experts and project leaders are on hand to help you develop your export sales.




The SALVEO Group’s record International development: our business for 25 years

Since 1991, the SALVEO Group has supported the international development of European and North American companies. We are constantly changing, developing new partnerships and regularly opening new offices to support your export strategies in high-potential countries that are often difficult to penetrate.



The Group in figures Let’s go further

The process that we have introduced over the last 25 years to support our client actions now enables us to deliver the highest quality of private accompaniment in international markets. Because our clients are the sole judges of the quality of our services, we ask them, at the end of each of our actions, to use different criteria to evaluate our performance.



International Development

Prospecting / Representation / Incubation / Business set-up

We go further than simple export accompaniment or export consultancy services: we offer a full range of high-added-value international support and representation services to help you enter new markets and/or develop your sales in the best possible conditions.


Field Prospecting Opening and developing the market

Based on over 25 years’ experience of prospecting in the field and nearly 5000 references, our clients call on our services to support them in their search for customers, distributors, suppliers, subcontractors, investors or partners.




Sales representation Sales force outsourcing

We act as a sales representation office to help our clients develop their sales and increase their earnings in high-potential countries that are often difficult to penetrate.






Incubation and business center services Sales development

Our business centers in our SALVEO countries offer high-quality administrative and human resources management and incubation services. These solutions are easy to put in place and provide clients with a permanent local presence that has a strong impact on the development of their sales and earnings.




Business set-up Sales office creation and industrial set-up

We support our clients in their sales office creation and in their industrial set-up in France, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, India, Japan, Australia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil: from the search for office space, land and a partner for a JV to obtaining permits… and setting up the factory.


Territorial representation

Trade and FDI leads generation

Territories’ competitiveness in attracting Foreign Direct Investment is today one of the keys to economic development. We represent the economic development agencies of French territories in our countries and foreign agencies in France to enable them to develop their incoming foreign investment flows.


Why the SALVEO Group? Experience and expertise

In recent years we have developed solid know-how in the field of Investment Promotion and a large number of economic development agencies now use us to represent them in our countries or in France.






State of Pennsylvania Official representation in France, Switzerland and Belgium

We represent the State of Pennsylvania economic development agency in detecting and confirming French, Belgian and Swiss investment in the USA and in promoting the State to companies.






Ras Al Khaimah Emirate (UAE) Organization of Invest events

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone has called on our services several years running to promote its territorial offer to French companies. We have organized a number of investment promotion events to allow them to present the advantages of RAK FTZ.



Andalusian region Trade Representation in France

We represent the Andalusia region in France through our collaboration with EXTENDA, the Andalusian External Promotion Agency. Our task is to support Andalusian companies in their efforts to enter the French market and to promote the Andalusia region in France.





Business Intelligence

Competitive and strategic intelligence

Reliable information is nowadays the key to international business development, especially in difficult and sometimes opaque countries.

Being part of ADIT Group, European leader for business and territorial intelligence, we are able to provide you with reliable and relevant information that you need to take educated decisions.


Strategic Intelligence

Operational and securing support

At the edge between anticipation, investigation and strategy consulting, strategic intelligence brings operational support and secure the international development of companies.





Business diplomacy

Entreprise et Diplomatie

An exclusive subsidiary of ADIT, Entreprise & Diplomatie boasts a team of experts in international contracts and public affairs. Led by Bruno Delaye, five-time French ambassador to countries in Africa, Latin America and Europe, Entreprise & Diplomatie enjoys privileged access to high-level decision makers and has in-depth knowledge of political and administrative systems.



Risk prevention and management

Reputation, image, employees and strategic assets

Any company faces risks that might harm the development of their activities, tarnish its image, corrupt top management reputation, endanger the security of its employees or of strategic assets…






Territorial Intelligence Innovation and economic development

ADIT’s Territorial Intelligence services fulfill the needs of innovation and economic development players : State services, territories, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, economic development authorities, clusters, …